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Speaker List Request Form

Group Expectations and Guidelines

Note that once the speaker travel and hotel is booked, should the group cancel the event, the group will be responsible to reimburse OSUAA for the costs.

  • Groups will be expected to provide the meal for the speaker if the event is during a lunch or dinner.
  • Groups will be expected to supply speakers with A/V equipment such as microphone, podium, projector, etc. for presentations.
  • It is not necessary for groups to provide a gift or monetary compensation to the speaker.
  • Groups will be expected to pick up the speaker at the airport prior to the event and return the speaker to the airport after the event unless otherwise noted in the travel itinerary.
  • Groups will be expected to pick up the speaker at the hotel prior to the event (if there is a hotel stay) and return the speaker to the hotel after the event.
  • Speakers will be expected to speak no less than 30 minutes (including Q&A). Make sure that this is accommodated for in the agenda/timeline of the event.
  • If the Regional Engagement Officer or other OSUAA staff member is present at the event, please provide their meal as well and allow 2 to 3 minutes for them to bring greetings and updates from the University in the agenda/timeline.
Alumni Association Responsibilities
  • OSUAA will pay for one visit per year to a scarlet or gray level group. This includes flight, hotel, car, parking and incidentals during travel will be paid for by the Alumni Association.
  • OSUAA will contact speakers in order of your preference. If none can be secured, the group will be contacted for additional choices of speakers and/or dates.
  • If the group would like an email or post card announcing the event to be sent, please contact your Regional Communication Specialist to create the message and plan a send date.

Unfortunately, the Alumni Association is not able to assist outside entities with requests for speakers.

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