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Scholarship fundraising mask opportunity

Stay safe, show your Buckeye Pride and fundraise for your scholarship fund. The alumni association is selling masks in an effort to fundraise for student assistance. We’re excited to share that there is an exclusive opportunity for club and society groups to fundraise too. For each mask purchase, $4 will go to your group’s scholarship fund.

This opportunity is available through our Buckeye Funder tool. Buckeye Funder is our grassroots fundraising tool and masks can be purchased directly from the page.

How does this tool work?

  • Open the page
  • View the options and choose your mask
  • Choose the number of masks you’d like to purchase and click on that option
  • Fill out the contact and billing information
  • In the “I want my gift to support” dropdown, choose your group
  • Finish the form and click “Give Now”
  • Your mask(s) will be delivered to the address you provide

Why should we participate?

  • Show your Buckeye Pride with exclusive designs only offered by OSUAA
  • $4 of every mask purchased will go to the alumni group scholarship fund of your choice
  • Everyone who purchases gets donor credit here at Ohio State
  • It’s easy! You promote and OSUAA takes care of the rest!

How do we participate?

  • Use this link to promote:
  • Request this Buckeye Funder opportunity be linked to your webpage
  • Share the Buckeye Funder link via your social media channels
    • Use your group’s accounts
    • Share via your own personal accounts too!
  • Send the Buckeye Funder link out in your newsletters and emails