Ohio State Alumni Groups

Post-Event & Incentive Reimbursement


1. Plan event, checking with OSUAA staff to ensure eligibility for reimbursement.

2. Save receipts and attendance/sign-in sheet from event.

3. Submit a reimbursement/post-event form (within 30 days of the event) below. This form will now take the place of the previous post-event form.

4. Attach receipts and attendance/sign-in sheet (required for reimbursement).

5. Identify two board members to electronically sign for the reimbursement.

6. Once DocuSign (form below) has been electronically signed by two board members, form gets submitted to OSUAA staff.

7. OSUAA staff reviews the form.

8. Money is deposited into the groups checking account within two weeks of approval.

Note: When uploading files, please use pdf, word doc or reduced jpeg formats.


Clubs Societies
Post-Event & Reimbursement Form Post Event & Reimbursement Form
Post Event Form Not Seeking Reimbursement Post Event Form Not Seeking Reimbursement

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