Resources for Alumni Volunteers

Student and Alumni Programs

  • Dinner for 12 Buckeyes: This program pairs 6 students and 6 alumni at each table to connect and network over dinner. This is a great program that can be easily adapted to any size of group, and could have any ratio of students to alumni at the table.
  • 5 Under 25: In its current state, this program is a panel of 5 young alumni (under the age of 25) who give advice to underclassmen by answering a series of questions and then opening it up to the audience. However, this format could be easily adapted to alumni of any age, and could be focused on a specific theme or topic or very broad to accommodate incoming students or even new graduates.
  • Buckeye Pen Pals: Designed to connect current students with alumni based on geographic location, career interest, or extracurricular interest, this program is intended to help students get acclimated to new environments and occupations, improve networking, professional, and communication skills, and get involved in the community, through email correspondence with an alumnus.

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