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Alumni Scholars Program


The Alumni Scholars Program (ASP) is an opportunity for alumni clubs to recruit exemplary students from their local area, to help them financially and to encourage them to attend The Ohio State University.

·         We suggest that clubs award a minimum of $600 from their Ohio State account.

·         Active Clubs with a current use account may also be able to award $600 of University money.

·         Clubs with endowment accounts do not have access to the university $600 scholarship. 

·         Club scholarship awards are generally available for any of Ohio State’s campuses.

Who is Eligible?

The Office of Undergraduate Student Financial Aid awards recipients based on the club’s Scholarship Committee recommendations. To receive an award students must:

·         Apply to the University by November 1.

·         Be admitted to the university.

·         Preferably ranked in the top 10% of their high school class.

·         Be recommended by school principals, counselors, and/or teachers based on scholastic ability and character.

·         Have a record of performance in activities both in school and in the community.

·         Impress the Scholarship Committee with a sound interest and positive attitude toward college work.

·         Be residents or attend high school in the area in which the participating alumni club’s membership is based.

·         If no suitable applicant is found, the Scholarship Committee may recommend a currently enrolled undergraduate or transfer student. If this student is going to be awarded the OSU $600 funded scholarship the student must carry a 3.2 cumulative grade point average at the time of the award recommendation. If the scholarship is from club funds, it must be in accordance with any current use or endowment description.

·         Renewal awards for upper class students can be made if the student is in good standing, full-time and complies with the club’s endowment description.

OSU varsity student athletes or walk on athletes may be eligible to receive a club scholarship.  Each case must be reviewed by compliance prior to awarding.

To Begin

·         Download current forms from the Alumni Groups website.  Never use old forms. Select your committee, brief them on procedure. 

·         A list of admitted, qualified students will be sent to the scholarship leader the first week of January and projected available balance in mid-January.

·         It is acceptable to email the “Information for the Student” and “Application” to students. 

The Selection Process

1.    Students send their completed applications with a transcript to the club Scholarship Chair by the date listed on Part III of the application.

2.    Review applications, invite the best candidates to an interview in person, phone, Facetime or Skype.  If your committee is unable to do this, choices can be made based on the applications. 

3.    Evaluate applicants using Individual Score Sheet and the Composite Ranking Sheet.

4.    Send Cover Sheet, Entering Freshmen Rankings, Alternate Entering Freshman Rankings and Currently Enrolled Rank sheets to Attn: Leslie Smith at the Alumni Association by February 10.

Financial Aid

The Office of Undergraduate Financial Aid posts awards to recipient’s Buckeye Link account in late February (entering freshmen) and mid-May (currently enrolled students).


Financial Aid will not begin the process without money in the club’s account to cover the award(s).  MAIL a club check to OSUAA Alumni Scholars Program using the Gift Processing Form to OSUAA, Attn: Leslie Smith, 2200 Olentangy River Rd, Columbus, OH 43210 by DEC 20.

Individuals can always contribute to the club’s scholarship fund online with a credit card. Those who wish to maintain their sustainer standing with OSUAA can contribute $75 to the club scholarship fund.  It is a win for the donor and a win for the students.


Leslie Smith, Stewardship Coordinator Alumni Scholars Program
The Ohio State Alumni Association
2200 Olentangy River Rd
Columbus, OH  43210
Phone: (614) 292-6576