Resources for Alumni Volunteers

Disbanding an alumni club or society

Groups wanting to disband have two options:

1. Moving tier levels

2. Going Inactive 

Groups thinking of disbanding should consider all options. Groups should first work with OSUAA staff to assess current situation and potential options. Staff can talk through best practices like sending out an interest survey/recruiting members email. If the group is still interested in disbanding, there are two potential options that staff will recommend– moving tier levels or go inactive. 

Moving tier levels- potentially to Gray or Carmen

If a group is having difficulty maintaining the status quo, there is an opportunity to move down a tier level or two- to Gray or Carmen.

Requirements and resources of Gray and Carmen levels can be found on pages 10-12 of the Alumni Group Leader Handbook, here.

Inactive Status

If a group wants to completely disband,the group would go inactive. This will allow the group to come back at any point if they desire. Points to consider are below.  

  • Group to send OSUAA contact an official letter indicating that the group has voted to be inactive. In the letter, group should note what they will plan to do with the group’s funds.
    • For scholarships:
      • For special interest societies with endowments- work with OSUAA contact to determine best contact within program or department.
      • For college based societies with endowments and/or current use funds-
        • Notify the Alumni Relations Officer or the Advancement Office of the college of any current endowments that yield an annual scholarship.
        • Establish which area will work with Financial Aid to be sure the scholarship continues to be awarded
          • Office of Student Affairs within the college
          • The Dean or the Department Director’s office
          • The Chief Advancement Officers office
      • For alumni club scholarships- groups will work with Leslie Smith (Alumni Scholarship Program) on next best steps. Additional details below-
        • Can continue awarding students as long as there is money.
        • OSUAA staff can work with or without a small scholarship committee depending on what the volunteers want to do.
          • Volunteers would read scholarship applications and ranking students.
          • Some inactive groups don’t have volunteers, so OSUAA will find jurors to read applications.
        • When group decides to become inactive, club sends all local scholarship raised dollars to Leslie Smith’s attention for processing and deposited in the club’s endowment and/or scholarship current use account at the Foundation.
        • Leslie Smith will award until the money is gone. Group will lose $600 of university money as it’s only for active clubs.
        • Individuals can continue to donate to the club fund by check or online with credit card.
        • Leslie Smith is still group’s contact for checks.  Individuals can also donate online with a credit card. 
        • Once there is not a student with a scholarship and no money in the account, OSUAA will close the account. The account can be reopened whenever the club becomes active again and contributing to the fund.
    • For the local checking account: groups can either transfer the money to the Foundation OR OSUAA could put the funds in the program and support current use account for you. It’s a recommendation that the group transfers the fund to a program and support current use. The program and support current use would be useful if the club ever came back, the group would have some startup funds.
  • Tax information from Finance is below-

“Regarding terminating the tax-exempt organization for IRS purposes:

 A Form 990-N filer that terminates before the end of its normal tax year should file its final Form 990-N e-Postcard as soon as reasonably practicable after the start of what would have been its next normal tax year.

 In other words, if they terminate during 2019, then they should file a Final Form 990-N in early 2020. They should answer “yes” to the question about whether the organization has terminated or gone out of business.”

  • For clubs with game day viewings-
    • Branding items for groups to please be mindful of when advertising game days (if groups move to inactive status)-
      • Please avoid using any Ohio State logos or trademarks in advertising
      • Please do use images of any Ohio State athletes (this is also potentially an NCAA issue)
      • Please avoid phrases like “the Official Ohio State Bar” or “the Official Buckeye Game Day”,
      • “Ohio State Alumni Club of…” etc.
  • If group choose to come back to active status, can use name again and brand items
  • Group will be removed from official group listing on OSUAA website.
    • Clubs only- opportunity to be listed on game day listing
  • Group should change social media pages to (example) “Rhode Island Buckeyes” vs. “The Ohio State Alumni Club of Rhode Island”
  • Group’s website will be deactivated