Resources for Alumni Volunteers

Student Engagement

Engagement and support for future and current Ohio State students today will pave the way for alumni involvement and philanthropy tomorrow.

Student recruitment

  • The OSUAA maintains a strong partnership with the Ohio State Office of Undergraduate Admissions. Together, with the support of Ohio State alumni clubs throughout the country, we recruit the best and brightest to Ohio State from coast to coast.
  • The Ohio State Office of Undergraduate Admissions participates in various college fairs, and often rely on alumni club volunteers to staff Ohio State tables and promote their alma mater by engaging interested students and passing out materials and Ohio State gear.
  • First Year Experience (FYE) programs are made possible, in part, by private support from alumni, community partners, parents, and friends of Ohio State. FYE programs help students learn how to navigate the university, get comfortable on campus, challenge themselves and think of Ohio State as home.


  • The Alumni Scholars Program is for clubs to engage and recruit exemplary students from the club area with a possible merit scholarship from the club.  For an overview of the Alumni Scholars Program and all forms needed for the program, please visit the Alumni Scholars Program page.

Summer Send-Off Events

  • From a summer picnic to a back-to-school pool party, alumni clubs find fun and creative ways to celebrate and send off incoming or current Ohio State students.

Staying in touch after student send-off

  • Ohio State alumni club members can serve as a continued source of encouragement and support for the students from their local areas that attend Ohio State. Some examples:
    • The New Mexico Alumni Club members connect with students when in Columbus for vacation, taking time out to have lunch with their ASP students.
    • Members of The Ohio State Alumni Club of Greater Philadelphia send Philadelphia-centric care packages to their ASP students leading-up to and during finals week.

OSUAA sustaining membership

  • Following commencement, Ohio State alumni club members can help encourage the students from their local areas to remain connected with Ohio State by becoming a sustaining member of the OSUAA. Sustaining membership can be achieved by making an annual gift of $75 or more to the OSUAA or any area of the university.