Resources for Alumni Volunteers

Best practice: Why it’s important to keep your website up to date

Your website is the digital home of your alumni club and society. It’s a snapshot of your group and serves as the first impression for people who locate you online. It is especially important to keep it fresh. We recommend the following tips to maintain a robust website:

  1. Appoint a Communication Chair on your board who would be responsible for ensuring content and information on your website is not outdated.
  2. Conduct an audit of current content and submit a Workfront request to remove old news and event promos.
  3. Have a photo gallery of past events so your members can see what they have missed and inspire them to attend your future events.
  4. If you do not have any upcoming news or events, request for an RSS feed of university news to be added to your site.
  5. If you see an interesting story or article from another outlet, copy the URL, and ask that it be added to your website.
  6. If you have a form (membership or contact us) be sure it is being forwarded to current officers or board members.
  7. Review your membership page to ensure it is accurate and up to date.
  8. Add links to the group’s social media channels.
  9. Add the group’s Facebook feed to your page.
  10. As a reminder, we request 48-72 hours to complete a website update.