Resources for Alumni Volunteers

FY22 Tier Support

Scarlet & Gray Tier Incentive funds

  • The processing of incentive funds will take place in mid-August.
    • For those who achieved Scarlet status for FY22, you will be receiving $500 to use for programming and operations. (Please note that these funds cannot be transferred to your scholarship funds.)
    • For those who achieved Gray status for FY22, you will be receiving $250 to use for programming and operations. (Please note that these funds cannot be transferred to your scholarship funds.)
  • The funds will be transferred directly into your checking accounts (current use funds for college-based societies).

Reimbursable Programming Amounts and Requirements

  • Your group can be reimbursed $250 for up to 5 different category 1 events.
  • To be eligible for reimbursements the following must take place:
    • The invitation for your event must be sent via OSUAA.
      • Exceptions will be made by your Society Liaison if your group has a more robust database.
      • A Workfront request is required.
      • Invitations should go to more than just your members, allowing us to help you reach a broader audience.
    • There must be 25 attendees to count for your category and for reimbursement. The total can include alumni, friends and guests.

New Strategies and Opportunities

  • We have looked at the data and noticed most alumni group event attendees are repeat attendees.
    • We need your help in acquiring new alumni to engage with the university. 
    • Your REO or Society Liaison can discuss marketing strategies to find out what your alumni want to attend and how they want to attend. 
  • Virtual programming from both the alumni association and many of your alumni groups brought in a lot of first-time attendees.
    • We encourage you to start or continue to use virtual opportunities as one of the ways to engage fellow Buckeyes.
    • We will continue to provide virtual opportunities.
  • Planning Retreat/Board Meeting
    • You can be reimbursed up to $100 for one (1) board meeting where the purpose is to plan your upcoming calendar of events or you are hosting a board retreat.

Free Print Piece (Postcard or Letter)

  • Scarlet tier will receive one (1) free printed communication piece.
  • Gray tier will not receive a free printed communication piece.

Speaker List

  • The Speakers Program is on pause. If your group would like to host a speaker for an event, your group will be responsible for coordinating all logistics, including event details and travel for the speaker, as well as any costs associated with hosting a speaker at your event. If you want to host current faculty or staff from Ohio State, please reach out to your REO or Society Liaison for help with outreach.

These requirements are still in place:

  • A minimum of two (2) board meetings
  • Submit on a yearly basis your most up-to-date board roster.
    • We recommend you submit after your elections or when the new officers’ terms begin.
    • Please highlight in yellow the changes that need to be made and be sure to include the start date on the board and the start date of their role (officer and committee chairs).
  • A membership roster on a yearly basis for groups with a dues-based membership program
  • All meeting minutes need to be submitted to your REO or Society Liaison
  • Post Event Forms with attendance lists, including board meetings, should be submitted within 30 days of all of your events and meetings.
    • It is extremely important to capture the engagement of our alumni and friends so we can upload this information into the university database.
  • All elected officers and board members must be Sustaining or Life Members of the association.
  • A scholarship fundraiser (donation-based membership programs) would also count.

Continued OSUAA Support

  • Sponsored websites
  • Electronic communication (event invites, scholarship solicitations and newsletters)
  • Swag items/door prizes for your events
  • Pom-poms for game watch parties