Resources for Alumni Volunteers

Registration for virtual club and society events

OSUAA will request attendance information from your virtual events so we know who is engaged with the university. Below are some options for your group when handling registrations:

  • Create a Google form
    • This allows you to collect the same information you otherwise would have via a sign-in sheet at an in-person event. It’s easily downloadable as a spreadsheet you can attached to your post-event Docusign form. 
    • Instructions on how to create a Google Form can be found here. Please note that you will need to create a Google account if you don’t have one currently.
  • JotForms
    • OSUAA staff members, Aaron Green and Josh Samuels, can add a JotForm to your webspace’s event listing.
    • After individuals sign up for the event, send them the link to the event.
    • Check out the jot form user guide here.
  • Eventbrite
    • Many groups use this tool, which can be added to your communications and invitations for registration.
    • Use the free account or pay to take advantage of more tools Eventbrite offers.
    • For more information, check here.
  • Email
    • Your group can collect registration via email, like many of you already do.
    • Be sure to send the event link to attendees after they confirm their attendance.