Resources for Alumni Volunteers

How can my Club or Society utilize OSUAA resources to host one of these virtual engagement events?

  • 2.) Pick a day and time to host the event.
    • Keep in mind that many work hours are between 8am and 6pm, so it might be best to select evening or weekend hours.
    • If you choose to do multiple events in the coming weeks, please think about varying your event times to provide opportunities to different people.
  • 4.) Create a registration option for alumni and friends who wish to participate in the event
    • Registration will help you collect your attendance for events
  • 5.) Submit Workfront request at least two weeks before you would like the email invitation sent.
    • Use the group request found here:
    • There are two new options on the group request forms if you would like OSUAA’s event support:
    • Make sure the request has event information for email communication support, website update, registration or sign-up option, and note if you need a CarmenZoom Link or be sure to provide other links if needed (Zoom, Google hangouts, etc.)
  • 6.) Implement and Enjoy Your Virtual Event!