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New Support with GBQ Partnership

Alumni groups, you spoke and we listened: the alumni association is proud to work with GBQ Partners to offer you further optional support regarding your group’s tax-exemption status and the annual filing that our alumni groups participate in. Whether you are a group that needs to be reinstated, apply for tax-emption or just have questions regarding your groups’ filing, GBQ Partners will be able to assist you.

Additionally, financial support is being offered for a limited time to new groups applying for tax-exempt status and to those groups which have lost their tax-exempt status.  Request GBQ services below.

Groups in need of tax-exempt status and/or reinstatement

  • For a limited time, alumni association will cover the application costs for new alumni groups to receive tax-exemption status (approx.. $275), as well as the costs for groups needing to have their status reinstated (approx. $400). Groups must apply for funds and have the documents filed with the IRS no later than May 1, 2018. This is a one-time offer to those groups who need either of these services.
  • To get reimbursed for these fees, the alumni group must submit within 30 days of payment:
    • Receipt of fees
    • Completed applications
  • All groups must submit IRS paperwork confirming their tax-exempt status, as well as confirmation of their annual filing moving forward.

Request Tax Assistance

    Establishing your 501c4 Tax Status and applying for and EINTax status reinstatementOther Federal Tax issues, such as filing 990