Resources for Alumni Volunteers

Post-Event Forms Best Practices

Here are some helpful tips to ensure a smooth post-event form process (for both reimbursement and those not seeking reimbursement):

  • Before clicking on the DocuSign link for the form click here to review what the form looks like. Every time the link is clicked, we are charged a small fee, so in an effort to help keep our costs low, we ask that you view the preview instead of the link to the form.
  • When scanning receipts from vendors, restaurants, etc., please ensure that the receipt is clean, itemized, and shows proof of payment (and the form of payment). If you are at a restaurant and you are provided a receipt that shows the itemized purchase and a separate one for payment, please submit both.
  • When uploading or attaching a receipt to the form, please try your best to save the scanned receipt as a PDF or if saving as a picture, please try to save the image as the smallest file possible. Often times when pictures are being taken and they are saved as large files, we cannot fully see the image and also have a hard time sending the file to our colleagues in finance.
  • Please also try to save attendance sheets as PDF’s or Word Documents as well. If you need to save the file as a picture, please try to save the attachment as the smallest file possible.
  • If you are being reimbursed for a Board Meeting, in the comments box please list all Board Members that were in attendance for the meeting. This must be a planned board meeting for the entire board and not a committee meeting to qualify for reimbursement. Additionally, you will need to attach either an agenda for the meeting or the minutes from the meeting (you can attach these under the attendance sheet option).
  • After submitting the request, email the two authorizing board members so they can expect to receive the DocuSign notification.